Deaf 2-year-old hears his mother's voice for first time ever (VIDEO)

Break out the tissues and get ready to cry! In this amazing and super touching video, a deaf 2-year-old boy hears his mother's voice for the first time in his life.  


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After being equipped with coachlear implants (devices that help patients with damaged inner-ear cells), Cooper is able to regain his hearing, which allows him to hear the sound of his mom's voice for the first time ever. Of course, Cooper is too young to understand what exactly happened but he is able to realize that he is listening to one of his parents...and his reaction is so moving and priceless, it'll bring tears to your eyes!

 Aww!! I can't imagine how special that moment must have been for Cooper and for his mom, especially because just watching the video made my heart melt. Hearing a mother's voice is a comfort that most of us take for granted but the clip is a great reminder of how thankful we should be for all the small graces in life.

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Image via YouTube

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