How far would you go to defend your daughter from a bully?

Like most mothers, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I'd do anything to protect my children--including giving up my own life. And yet, I still think that every situation needs to be looked at for what it is before going bonkers and harming another child who's supposedly harassing yours. I say this because, earlier this week, a Florida mom was arrested for allegedly choking a 14-year-old boy who, she claims, had been slandering her daughter on Facebook.  

The details about what the boy had been saying on Facebook have not been released, so it's hard to judge what could have made this mom turn so violent on the boy. Either way, I can think of several ways the mom could've dealt with this issue that don't involve physically harming another child.  


I mean, what kind of message are you sending to your own child if you go and choke someone else? Yes, I do understand that this mom was tired of her daughter being bullied and that this is no simple matter, but I just can't condone her behavior. It seems totally ironic. 

This is how Debbie Piscitella described what happened on her Facebook page according to The Huffington Post:

When I saw him and his girlfriend at the mall I just snapped. I didn't put both hands on his neck it was just one hand... yes I shouldn't have done that, but you all do not even come close to understanding all the torment they have put my child through... And who knows what you would have done.

At least she shows some remorse and I guess I do have to give it to her, no one knows how they'll react until they're faced with the actual situation. 

Although the boy's mom originally decided not to press charges, she changed her mind once she "saw the red marks" on his neck. Piscitella has been charged with child abuse and has been released on $5,000 bail. I wonder what she's telling her daughter about the whole ordeal?

Is this mom's behavior justifiable? Leave us a comment with your opinion below. 

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