Bicultural Baby Buys: Ingenio's Sounds Amazing flashcards and Smart Pen

Looking to add to your child's English and Spanish vocabulary? We have the perfect toy to do just that! The Ingenio Sound Amazing flashcards are a fun, easy way for your kids to learn the names and functions of various objects in both languages.

How? Through the use of about 50 double-sided flashcards, children can look at the picture of an object or activity (like clock or bowling), the name, and some information on that particular item. The cards, which are all in English and Spanish, are grouped into different categories, like Musical Instruments, Animals, etc.


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And that's not even the coolest part! The cards come with a Smart Pen that allows kids to hear a relevant noise when they scan it against the barcode on each card, like a clock ticking or an ambulance wailing. There are 100 every day sounds that help make the learning process a little more interactive and bring the words to life.

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Best of all is the fact that the cards contain a variety of words that extend way past the basics, so your kids are sure to pick up range of vocabulary that wouldn't be found in many other toys. And since they're light and portable, you can take them along for entertainment anywhere from the doctor's waiting room to the car.

Would you buy this toy for your children? Tell us in the comments!

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on Jun 1, 2012 at 10:52 AM

Yeah, I would probably buy it for my child when she is older. Her dad can speak Spanish very good but its not his first languish, so him and his family take just in English to her. She is with me most the time and i speak just in Spanish to her, but when he comes home she hears us taking English. I don't know how I'm going to do it but my baby girl WILL speak Spanish good. And if this toy can help and the price is right I will get it once she understands how to play with it!!

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