Bath salts: The new drug that fueled the Miami zombie attack

What is it with humans that we need to find substances to artificially alter our senses? Unless you are living under a rock, you must have heard of the horrific incident in Miami a few days ago where a man-- allegedly under the influence of a new drug known as "bath salts"--almost devoured the face of a homeless man in broad daylight.

I have to admit I have not wanted to read a lot of the details in this case of cannibalism by the now famous "zombie attacker," but as a mother I can not hide how terrified I am with the effects that this synthetic drug can have on those who use it to get high. 


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What scares me even more is that the cases of people taking these bath salts with catastrophic results are becoming more and more common. And according to the police officers involved in cases related to bath salts, this drug is like no other. It is known as "legal Ecstasy" in the forums of the websites that sell it and its effects include euphoria and hallucinations.

Doctors say the drug can cause severe mental instability and permanent brain damage. Also, people under the influence of this drug are usually violent and have a high tolerance for pain, which is obvious in the case of Rudy Eugene, the zombie attacker. The worst part is that not only is it cheap but it's also easy to purchase online in the states where it still not illegal, making it really attractive to young people.

My children are still very little, but as they get older I know the most important thing--in addition to always be involved in their lives--is to talk to them and if possible, show them real examples of the consequences of taking drugs. After that, all I can do is pray.

How much do you know about this new drug? Have you heard your children talk about it? Share your opinion by leaving us a comment.

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