Babies vs. Cats: Round 1 (VIDEOS)

We've already explored the absolutely adorable combination of puppies and babies but now it's time to add kitties to the kids! After watching the video below where a baby boy becomes absolutely entranced by a cat's tail, I just had to find some more kid and cat hilarity. Lucky for us, there has been plenty of that caught on tape.

I think my absolute favorite one is number three! Seriously, there's nothing better than listening to a little kid's hysterical giggle. Watch that one and more below with our top 5 super cute and funny  videos, featuring babies and kitties. They are guaranteed to make you smile!



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1. Baby is completely fixated on grabbing cat's tail!

2. Baby attempts to eat cat's tail, although by the look on his face, it doesn't taste very good! Meanwhile, the cat just stares as him with a quizzical look on his face.

3. Baby falls into uncontrollable, hysterical laughter just by looking at the cat...who is doing absolutely nothing at all.

4. The most patient cat in the universe lays idly by while a baby shows him some aggressive love.

5. A super sweet and gentle yung cat babysits and cuddles against a newborn baby.

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Image via YouTube

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