What's so wrong with letting my little girl wear a bikini?

The outdoor pool at our neighborhood's rec center opens this weekend, which usually signals the start of summer--though not oficially--and the end of the school year. And so I've been looking for a bathing suit for my daughter Vanessa who will turn 6 in July ad even though I haven't bought one yet, I don't see what the big dea is with little girls wearing bikinis

I'm not sure if this is a cultural thing, but a lot of moms are totally against little girls wearing them. But I remember using one pretty much my entire chilhood. In fact, I always have--even the two times I was pregnant. This, of course, doesn't mean that I've never worn a regular swim suit. Either way, my daughter's growing up the same way I did and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. 


I will say, though, that I do have a problem with tiny bikini bottoms, known as tangas in Spanish, or padded bikini tops for little girls or even teens. But I'm totally fine with a bikini like the one in the image above. Well, it turns out my way of thinking is not too popular out there. 

The weird thing is that while I don't have a problem with my daughter using a bikini, I do have a problem with the way too revealing way in which little girls dress themselves these days--with jeans that are way too tight, skirts that are way too short and t-shirt showing their bellies. I guess the way I see it is that there's a place and a time for everything. In other words, nobody expects people to be covered up to their neck at the pool or the beach, but the same can't be said about school and work. Don't you think?

Do you let your daughter wear a bikini? Leave us a comment telling us why or why not.

Image via Spigoo/flickr

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