Tell the truth: Do you have a favorite child?

Most moms would have a very hard time admitting they have a favorite child. I'm one of them. Then again, I think my children are way too little for me to have developed some kind of favoritism. I mean, they're only 5 and 2, so I feel like I'm still getting to know them. That's not to say that as they get older I might not develop a special affinity to one of them. In the end, that's really what this is all about. 

I don't think it's a matter of favoring one child over the other, but rather a matter of getting along better with one over the other. Or just having more in common with one over the other. Whoever says this is not true is lying. 


Before you go disagreeing with me, let me make clear that I'm not talking about love. I'm not saying that parents love one child more over the other--although I'm sure that's the case in some families too. I'm just saying that just like in any other relationship we get along better with some people that we do with others, right?

I will say, though, that while most parents will try to hide whether they favor one child over the other, grandparents have no problem flaunting it. Or, at least my mom doesn't. I know she loves both my children equally, but she has a special connection with my daughter. The same can be said about my grandmother who has two favorite grandchildren out of the eight of us. One is my sister and the other one is a male cousin of mine. 

In our family, we all know it and I don't think any of us really cares. We understands it has nothing to do with love. Some people just get along better than others. 

Do you have a favorite child? Leave us a comment. 

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