Bicultural Baby Buys: Chicco Bilingual Teddy Bear

Every little kid has a favorite stuffed animal that they love to play and cuddle with. Mine was a little stuffed dog named Brownie (which is now the name of my actual dog for that reason!). So why not get your baby a snuggly toy that is as educational as it is adorable? The Chicco Bilingual Teddy Count With Me Plush is a super cute talking bear that teaches children their first numbers and first words in English and Spanish.


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To listen to happy nursery rhymes, count along with the bear or discover the names of certain fruits and animals, all the baby has to do is press on the hands and tummy. By pressing on its hands or feet, the child is encouraged to interact with the bear, who also talks when turned upside-down.

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It's the perfect toy to teach your kids the basics of two different languages. Plus, you or your child can take it anywhere.  And since the plush bear is soft and lovable as well, kids can play and talk with it during the day and then cuddle with it at naptime or bedtime.  It's the perfect pal for your baby!

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Image via Toys R US

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