Jessica Sanchez loses 'American Idol', little girl FREAKS OUT! (VIDEO)

I was pretty mad and shocked when I found out Jessica Sanchez wasn't this season's winner of American Idol (she was just so good!). But I wasn't quite as angry as the little girl in this video who had a full-on freak-out after watching the results.


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"Jessica didn't wiiiiiin!" she screams in between sobs. "She was my favorite!" Hey, I'm with you on that one kid! While her tantrum is kind of hilarious and very cute, the woman behind the camera isn't as adorable. She does absolutely nothing to comfort the child, instead making taunts (like "Jessica's a loser") that only send the little kid further into a tailspin. That poor little girl!

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The best part of the video however is towards the end when the woman asks if she wants to call American Idol to complain. The child just looks at her with big, innocent, teary eyes and asks, "You know its number?" So freaking cute! And I can totally sympathize…I think many of us were super disappointed when Jessica didn't win.

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Image via YouTube

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