New Jersey mom had no idea son was put in washing machine! (VIDEO)

Remember that absolutely horrifying video of the toddler who got trapped in a washing machine? Apparently, the people watching the one-year-old boy, Saimeir Bush, weren't his parents despite inital reports to the contrary. They were actually his babysitter and her friend. In fact the mother, Sakia David, said she didn't even know about the incident until she saw the video late Tuesday on a local news station and now she's looking to take legal action.

After seeing the clip, David was able to identify the woman in the video, who is not just Bush's babysitter but also the girlfriend of the boy's father (her name has not been released). She is still unsure who the man who initially placed her son in the machine is. Though David initially said the whole incident was just "an accident," today she announced that she plans on pressing charges against the babysitter.


"I just want to tell Sandra (the baby sitter) this is not over, because everybody said I wouldn't be pressing charges and I am,'' David said on NBC's TODAY show.  "I left my child in her custody. She sat there and watched him put my baby in the washer, so it's both of their fault." She also said she plans on taking her son back to the hospital for more tests to make sure he did not suffer any type of head injury.

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Though lawyers are saying that taking the case to court would not be "the best use of judicial time and money," I totally understand where the mom is coming from. I mean, I would want some sort of retribution if I was in her shoes! For the babysitter to let that happen and then not even tell her about the incident is ridiculous!

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Her and her friend might not have had criminal intent, but they were definitely acting carelessly and neglectfully. They are supremely lucky that the toddler was just bruised and not severely injured or killed. As the main person responsible for Bush's well-being, she should've been giving him her full attention-- not using the time to clown around with a pal.

Do you think the mom has a right to take legal action? Tell us in the comments below!

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