Here at MamásLatinas, we love learning about your kids. So when a bunch of you uploaded pictures of your children, we loved them so much that we just couldn't resist sharing some of our favorites! They range from silly and goofy to more formal but all are downright adorable.

Below, our picks for the 14 photos all sent in by you. Enjoy--and thanks for sharing! 

Wedding Girls 1

Wedding Girls

Image via libelulalatina

Can these two sisters be any cuter? The older one is clearly showing her little sister who's boss. I can just hear her whispering, "Shh, be quiet, it's a wedding!" Plus, they are like the epitome of picture-perfect princesses in their adorable dresses and floral headgear.


3D Glasses 2

3D Glasses

Image via Reen.G

"I love my goofy kiddos!" said the mom of these two hilarious siblings. And we have to agree! Anyone who can rock 3D glasses with such style are sure to become some pretty fierce adults.


Riding the Dog 3

Riding the Dog

Image via AZUKITAR

Just goin' for a little ride. It's almost too much cuteness for one photo!


Hugs in the grass 4

Hugs in the grass

Image via AngieAvirama

Few things warm a mother's heart more than seeing their kids showing each other some love...especially two boys as cute as these ones!


Playground Fun! 5

Playground Fun!

Image via 1MrsRios1

Weee! You can almost hear this little guy squealing with joy. Can't blame him--swings are fun.


Little Soldier 6

Little Soldier

Image via MICHELLE11

Someone's all set to camouflage themselves! As soon as he covers up that diaper, that is...


Sleeping at Walmart 7

Sleeping at Walmart

Image via sweetyazfl

Guess Walmart is only fun if you're old enough to have a credit card. Sidenote: Don't you wish you could just fall asleep anywhere like that?

Big Boobs 8

Big Boobs

Image via Kisa

Set a little girl loose in a Halloween store and this is what happens. She's like a little bombshell in training!


Cafemom shirt 9

Cafemom shirt

Image via sweetyazfl


The only thing that could make CafeMom better is an adorable little baby rocking our merch. Love the support!


Driving 10


Image via sweetyazfl

What a duo of drivers! Someone call Nascar, we found their future stars.



Wedding Boys 11

Wedding Boys

Image via Emilia

Brothers that look equally adorable in a mini suit! They must have the little ladies swooning. 

Lipstick Makeup 12

Lipstick Makeup

Image via Pita

Looks like someone got a hold of Mom's lipstick...


Buried in the sand 13

Buried in the sand

Image via NADIA-R

Look at that mischevious grin on the burier's face! You know he's thinking, "Muahaha, I got you now!"

Scared 14


Image via Chuliss

There's a monster behind you!! No really, there is.