Kids write the darndest things! (PHOTOS)

Kids are known for having absolutely no filter whatsoever--they'll say or do whatever  comes to their minds no matter how embarassing or annoying it might be at times. But that's part of what makes them so funny and lovable!  What grown-up doesn't wish for that innocent quality and no-holds-barred attitude every now and then? Besides, their random outbursts and actions are always good for a laugh.

And children are even more hysterical on paper! Check out pictures of four HILARIOUS drawings and letters all written by kids. Believe me--they'll have you laughing 'til you cry!


1. A kid's to-do list: Looks like this child has a busy day ahead!

2. Someone's definitely not a fan of the Kardashians...

3. Sorry kid, not everyone is a naturally big burper.

4. Sibling rivalry at it's finest! This letter is obviously the first piece of evidence.

Do your kids ever write or draw you things that make you laugh? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via NickMom, Buzzfeed, Boing Boing

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