Latina mom saves "miracle" baby's life! (VIDEO)

What's the scariest thing you can imagine, as a mother? I bet your baby stopping breathing all of a sudden is pretty high up on that list.

It's almost unimaginable but that's exactly what happened to Latina mom Ashley Sanchez late one night while she was feeding her 3-month-old baby girl. The baby suddenly stopped breathing but the mom used her spot on instincts to perform infant CPR (which she had never done before) and saved her daughter's life.


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After baby Ashlynn was rushed to a San Antonia Hospital, doctors were able to revive the girl thanks to mom, who kept the baby well enough so that she could be resuscitated. Dr. Samuel Zuckerman, who treated her, says that the baby is "here because of her mom."

With chocking being the #1 cause of accidental death in babies, do you know what to do something like this happened to you? Do you know how to conduct infant CPR? Here are some tips (and full instructions, from

1. Lay infant face up on a firm surface.
2. Give two slow and gentle rescue breaths.
3. Depending on if the baby's chest rises or doesn't, there are two separate instructions. If the chest rises: check for a pulse and, if there is one, continue to give rescue breaths. If the chest doesn't rise: give 30 quick chest compressions, check for an object in the mouth (blocking the airway) and try rescue breaths again.

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What do you think of this Latina mom saving her baby? Did you ever learn CPR or think you should? Share with us in the comments below!

Images via WFMY News