World's worst parents trap their son in a washing machine (VIDEO)

There have been some pretty epically terrible parenting fails caught on tape, but this one could seriously take the cake.  While on an ordinary trip to the Laundromat, two parents got their child stuck inside a washing machine after "playfully" putting him in one as a joke.

 As can be seen on this video, the father was supposedly kidding around with his son when he placed him inside the machine. But then, he shut the door and it locked, causing the automatic cycle to begin with the little boy trapped inside.  


WHY! Someone please just explain to me WHY anyone (besides those under the age of 5 who are probably playing hide and seek) would think it was a good idea to not only place a child in a washing machine, but then also CLOSE THE DOOR?! Seriously, isn't there like a Parenting 101 course that makes this explicitly known to all procreators?  Don't, under any circumstances, put kids in a washer. Or dryer or refrigerator or any freaking machine not made for humans! I can't even believe that needs to be said. Maybe hospitals should start giving out handbooks after births-- like an "Only Do These Things if You Want to Scar Your Kids for Life" guide.

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The worst part that is this terrifying and incredibly dangerous ordeal didn't last for a few seconds. Oh no, it went on for over a minute because the parents couldn't get the door open and had to get one of the Laundromat workers to run over and unplug the washer before pulling the child out (sidenote: I would love to know what this guy was thinking. I can only assume it went something along the lines of "What?! Wait really? ****! Idiots.")

Miraculously enough, the boy only suffered minor bruising. I just hope that these parents learned their lesson...but just in case, I suggest the boy dons head-to-toe padding the next time his dad decides to "play" with him.

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