Extreme parenting fail: Over the top birthday parties for kids

Some parents wouldn't dream of having a birthday party for a one year old. I did, but only for my first child. It wasn't anything huge. I probably spent a couple hundred dollars for a party that my daughter will never remember. I admit, the party was mostly for myself and my husband to celebrate our daughter's first year of life and the fact that we had survived our first year as parents.

And yet, I would've never dreamed of spending more than a couple hundred dollars for a birthday party. So there's just no way I understand how or why someone would spend in the tens of thousands of dollars for a toddler's birthday party. Heck, I don't even understand why someone would spend in the thousands of dollars.


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I guess when money is not an issue, the question of how much you're going to spend on a birthday party doesn't really matter. Then again, why is it that parents think their children want over the top parties when all they really care for is having a good time with their little friends? 

Listen up, parents! The majority of the stuff that you give my child in the goody bags goes to a box in the garage and eventually ends up in the trash, unless it's really good stuff and then I donate it. So quit worrying about what you put in them because nobody really cares--including the children!

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Although my husband hasn't been too happy about it (he hates the clean up part afterward), all of our children's birthday parties have been celebrated in our backyard. None had cost more than a couple hundred dollars and now that my daughter's almost 6-years-old, it's funny because she doesn't remember any of the decorations or the goody bags or the games we didn't play. All she remembers is having a blast playing with the sprinkler with her little friends or hitting the piñata with all her might. 

In the end, real laughter and happiness cannot really be bought--no matter how much money you spend.

How much do you normally spend on your kid's birthday parties?

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