Bicultural Baby Buys: Baby Einstein Count & Discover Treasure Chest

Is your baby still learning the basics, like colors and counting? Good news! As part of our new weekly Bicultural Baby Buys column, we found the perfect toy to help you teach them just that!

The Baby Einstein Count & Discover Treasure Chest helps young kids discover shapes, colors, and counting in three different languages. And the best part? All that information is wrapped up in one adorable looking toy so that your kids can play as they learn!


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The chest is ocean-themed and features 10 baby-friendly plastic coins, classical melodies, and "under the sea" sounds. Whether in the shape or color mode, all your child has to do is drop a coin through the slot of the treasure chest and the toy will "read" the shape or color of each coin in the assigned language. In the counting mode, the treasure chest counts along as each coin in pushed through the slot. It's super simple for kids to do on their own or with a parent. Plus, if your kid is having issues remembering only a few specific colors or numbers, they can continue practice on the specific coin until they get it down!

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And it's especially handy if you want your kids to learn the basics in a few different languages. The language selector on the toy allows for children to learn in either English, Spanish, or French. So if your kids have already mastered one, you can always have them practice on another! Easy, fun and educational--all in one toy. 

Would you buy this toy for your baby? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via BabyEinstein

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