The best way EVER to wake a baby up! (VIDEO)

Most parents dread the moment they have to wake up their baby from a nap. The tantrums, the grumpiness, the crying--it's never pretty. That is, unless you get creative like the family of the hilarious toddler did in this video!

This half-Chilean 3-year-old apparently adores listening to Nirvana. So to awaken the boy without any of the hysterics or drama, his brother and sister decided to try rousing him by blasting the band's song "Breed" out of their car stereo.  And it worked! Instead of freaking out and crying like many young kids would, this mini rocker starts drumming to the song before even opening his eyes.


As he begins to actually to wake up, he never stops his air-drumming but just continues to get into the music by lip-synching.  Hilarious! Clearly, this kid is a rock star in the making. From the looks of things, he is meant to be a musician.  

Watch the toddler jam out:

How do you wake your kids up from their naps? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via YouTube

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