No "kid-friendly" meals in my house!

I never understand when other moms tell me that their kids are really picky eaters and that they have to be super creative when it comes to feeding them because if not they would just eat the same thing every day. Neither do I don't understand moms whose kitchens are like restaurants and each kid gets to choose what they want to eat or moms who cook kid-friendly meals.

Unless one of my children was allergic to something and I had to be extremely careful about what I feed him, I would never do that. In my house, there's simply no such thing as "kid-friendly" meals. My kids eat what I serve them or they just don't eat!


Yes! I know, I'm such a witch! But I have my reasons...

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For starters, I don't like to cook. So I simply cannot envision myself in the kitchen doing more than one dish. It's already hard enough for me to worry about what we're going to eat every day without the added pressure of whether my children are going to eat it or not. 

Secondly, I wasn't really raised that way. I mean, I didn't get to choose what I wanted to eat or not and so I never knew there was such a thing as a thing as a "picky eater." This doesn't necessarily mean that I always liked everything I was served, but the rule was pretty simple, you don't like it, you don't have to eat it...but there won't be anything else for you to eat--unless you make it yourself, of course!

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I know that just because I was raised that way doesn't mean that I have to raise my kids the same way, but I actually like my parents rule a lot and it seemed to work wonders with us because my siblings and I eat pretty much anything. As of right now, the same is true of my 5-year-old and my 2-year-old with the exception of my girl refusing to eat beans. But that's not such a big deal because when we make them--and we regularly do--I just don't give them to her. 

I wonder if their tastes will change as they get older? Either way, the rule will remain.

Do you make kid-friendly meals at your home?

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