I hate Mother's Day

"Mothers are all slightly insane," JD Salinger

I love being a mother, I swear I do, people get confused by my frustrated-Mom posts sometimes, my Mom calls worried from time to time saying things like,"Your blog makes me stressed, are you sure you are Ok?"

I always like, "¡Ay Mama! Come on--it's me!" But, she's just being a mom.

Well, here's another declaration that might make people edgy: I hate Mother's Day.


I think it's an absurd holiday and I get nothing special out of it. So attack away Moms, I know many of you hate me for saying this, but if it were up to me, the holiday wouldn't exist.

I love my Mom (full time) and I love my kid's handmade cards but is an actual holiday really necessary? We are Moms all year long and every second of the day because we never stop doing our job--so EVERY DAY should be Mother's Day.

My Mother's day began with my kids and I heading out for coffee since I was home with them (this contributed to my good mood, as you can imagine). In the two blocks that it took for us to reach Starbucks, we bumped into more moody fathers hanging out alone with their offspring than I had ever seen before in the city.

That's when it hit me. Some mother's do get to celebrate.

They are sleeping, having breakfast in bed or they are at the spa. They are definitely not with their kids. Good for them, I say.

But I was. I went to Coney Island. I ate hot-dogs. I ran on the beach. I chased Diego. I played Frisbee. I listened to my daughter complain. I pretty much did everything-- except celebrate.

But that's not why I hate the holiday, here are some good reasons:

  1. This year people spent $18.6 billion on Mother's Day. Can you believe that?! It's horrifying, this holiday is contributing to the unapologetic consumerism that rules the world. That kind of money could actually make an impact in people's lives; sick people, hungry people, homeless people. This upsets me.
  2. My kids constantly whine, this is a normal and everyday occurrence but when they whine on Mother's day it feels like a drill perforating my ear. Is this not supposed to be my day? Can I not get the most basic gift of no whining for 24 hours?
  3. Lastly, I hate Mothers Day because if this is my holiday I should be pampered and I'm not. My husband is away and I'm certain that if he was in town, he would've made me go out with him and the kids anyways. So this day is no different to others.

I certainly hope you all had an amazing Mother's Day and I can't wait to hear your comments and thoughts? Does anyone feels like I do?

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