With Mother's Day just another day away, I'm reminded of the other kind of moms that should be celebrated too. I'm talking about moms of the animal kingdom, like of our pets. I've had animals my entire life and a few times my cat even had kittens. I know that a good cat or dog mommy isn't unusual but I love watching videos of cute pet moms with their babies. These videos will all warm your heart. Share them with your kids and get ready to go AWWW!


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1. Nothing will make your heart warm as much as much as this mommy cat hugging her kitten who's having a nightmare. 

2. What's a bored puppy to do? Clearly the only answer is for this husky pup to start playing with her beautiful mama. 

3. This cat mom won't let her kittens milking stop her from doing the mom work that needs to be done: cleaning them. 

4. Run, puppies, run! This bulldog mommy exercises her pups by running around and letting them all chase her. 

5. Absolutely the most adorable animal mom and babies team is this chihuahua mom with 6 puppies, who also adopted a kitten!

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Do you have pets? How are you planning to celebrate Mother's Day? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via CatDancing/flickr

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