Sofía Vergara's son renders a tender tribute to his mami for Mothers' Day (VIDEO)

¡Ay! I don't know if it is because I am quite nostalgic knowing that another year will pass and I will not be able to be with my 'mami linda' celebrating her great day. But the case is that I almost cry with Manolo's tribute to her famous mom, Sofía Vergara, as part of the series 'Mi vida con Toty' (My life with Toty) from the NuevOn channel in Youtube. Although often, the young director, has made us laugh with anecdotes of his mother, this time he left me with my feelings "a flor de piel," after he shared the best moments he has lived next to Sofía and the reasons why he is deeply grateful of her.


During almost the four minutes the video lasts, Manolo shows images depicting moments with his mom, like when she came to his school's festival, putting little cadles to his birthday's cake, playing with him at the beach, as well as many other moments that are special to him. And although it is difficult to summarize a whole life in less than four minutes, Manolo almost make us cry with this beautiful tribute, in which he didn't doubt to express that, even though her mother has a career, "simultaneously, she managed to raise me well, and that seems admirable to me."

I still don't have kids, but as a daughter, this video made me remember the best moments that I've lived with my mami, who has always been there for me, when I've needed her the most. How I would have liked it! to have a video like Manolo's, to make mi mother remember how valuable her presence has been in my life. I would have liked to be able to compile, through images, the most important moments when she has been by side: My first class day, my elementary school's graduation, my university's commencement day, my wedding and so many beautiful moments… in which she has been there, always applauding my achievements.

Today is our turn, as their children, to pay a deserved tribute to all of our beautiful mothers, who have sacrificed their lifes to take care of us and to give us the best of themselves. An applause, for all the sleeplessness, their details, their attentions, but most of all: thanks, for all the unconditional love that they have given us always.

Congratulations to all Latina Mothers!


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