I'd die if I found video of my tween son having sex with a boy

There's no way around it. I'm pretty sure I'd die if I found a video of my 12-year-old son's having oral and anal sex with two of his classmates on his cell phone. I can only imagine that that's exactly how the Mexican mom who found just that on her son's cell phone felt. According to Mexican newspaper Milenio, the explicit video was shot in the sixth-graders' classroom during recess. About a minute long, it shows one sixth-grade boy performing oral sex on another one while having anal sex with a third one.

The incident occurred back on April 26 and it was only brought to the attention of both school and government authorities until after the mom of one of the boys found the video, recognized one of the other boys and went to his mom to complain about his behavior. 


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An investigation is currently under way, but no disciplinary action has been taken against any teachers or students just yet. The Education Department of the state of Campeche, in Mexico's Gulf coast, did say that it did not appear like the teacher who uses the classroom where the video was shot was present at the time. 

Even though anyone with an almost-teenager would be delusional to think that 12-year-olds don't know anything about sex, this whole thing is still pretty shocking and unbelievable. First of all, where was the school staff? How is it that these boys had the opportunity to shoot a video like this in their own classroom without worrying that someone would catch them?

Secondly, where are these kids getting the idea to basically shoot their own gay porn video? I hate to blame the parents without knowing any of the details, but something must be amiss at home for these five elementary school children to think that it was okay for them to do this.

Seriously, when thinking about this whole ordeal, I'm not really sure how I would handle a situation like this if my child was somehow involved. I know I said I'd die at the beginning of this post, but the reality is that I'd be really scared and worried about the psychological implications of such a disturbing event.

How would you handle something like this? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Image via g_kat26/flickr