Crazy parents drove with their four young kids strapped to the hood of their car!

I thought last week was the end-all, be-all of bad parenting with news of the mom who taped herself having sex with her son and the mom who put bleach in her daughter's eyes. Turns out I was very wrong! Two absolutely insane parents are now making headlines after they drove with their four children strapped to the hood of their car. Um...SAY WHAT?!

Earlier this week, a witness called the police after they saw the couple securing their kids to the car while it was parked in a liquor store parking lot in Fort Worth. The pair actually drove a short distance away until the authorities were able to track them down. And what was the explanation for their idiotic joyride? The children, whose ages ranged from four to seven, thought "it sounded like fun."  


Um, are these people for real? OF COURSE they thought it sounded like fun! They're little kids! That's why it's the parent's job to utilize their common sense and prevent their children from pursuing any dangerous or harmful activities.

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The whole incident is scary for so many reasons. I mean, what kind of caring mother and father would purposely put their very young kids in harm's way? They could've not only killed their children or themselves, but someone else--especially because I'm sure having four kids on the hood of your car while driving is just a tiny bit distracting, if not totally impairing to your vision.

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Both parents were questioned after being stopped by the police. Now, the Department of Child Services is also getting involved and rightfully so. Hopefully, someone gets those kids the heck out of Crazy Town and far away from their obviously ill-equipped parents.

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