Was Linda Evangelista in mourning at last night's MET Gala?

Does anyone else think it was kind of suspicious that Linda Evangelista was wearing an all-black ensemble to the Met Gala last night? The Italian supermodel settled her child-support case with Salma Hayek's French billionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault just hours before. You would think that she would be out celebrating and dressing up like the rest of the celebrities at the Met Gala--an event seen by many celebrities as a chance to think out of the fashion box--but instead she was one of the only women who showed up in a boring black dress.

Was she in mourning over her settlement or what?!


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Why else would the usually stylish supermodel choose such a bland and simple Prada dress. I mean, nothing against Prada but couldn't she have picked something, I don't know, more exciting?

But I guess there just wasn't much for her to celebrate on this night. Although she had originally asked for Francois-Henri to contribute $46,000 to the monthly expenses of raising their 5-year-old son Augie, I would venture to guess that the settlement wasn't all that she was expecting after the case turned nasty earlier this month.

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I'm really not sure what was going on through her head when she picked that dreary gown and none of us know the results of her child-support case, but I really think that she was showing her feelings through fashion. Why else would she wear all-black to an event defined by glitz and glamour? I hope at least she won a decent amount (though maybe not $48K a month--seriously, that sounds more like a year's worth of expenses) to take care of her child.

Do you think Linda Evangelista dressed up in black to mourn the results of her child-support case settlement? Share with us in the comments below!

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