Salma Hayek, tell your husband to pay for his child with Linda Evangelista!

Uh-oh, Salma Hayek's husband and father to her beautiful daughter Valentina, French business tycoon Francois-Henri Pinault, is in trouble now. Supermodel Linda Evangelista, an ex-girlfriend of his, has just taken him to court for expenses related to their child together. Although she hadn't admitted who the father of her son Augustin was until last year, now she's asking Francois-Henri for $46,000 a month for expenses related to the child's care. Although I'm sure that Salma isn't the happiest wife and mother to find out her husband fathered a child just a few years before they had their daughter, I think she should be encouraging him to pay for Augie's childcare anyway. 


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Okay, I know that this is pretty much a mess straight out of a telenovela. One Latina mami fighting with another mom over the father of the baby. Who hasn't seen this story play out a million times? It's a huge mess that Salma's man fathered a baby with another woman just before but she has to stand up for what's right and make sure that Francois-Henri takes care of his child with Linda as much as he's taking care of daughter Valentina.

While some may think that Linda asking for almost $50k to take care of her son is a bit extreme, I think that the supermodel is only doing what she has to for her child. With Francois-Henri worth billions of dollars, doesn't he have the money to spare anyway? And doesn't taking care of his son as equally as he takes care of his daughter guarantee that he's being a good father to all of his kids? That's exactly why Salma has to speak up—and tell him to pay up. 

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With cute little Valentina having a $12 million Los Angeles home in a trust for her, Salma's baby is ensured that she will be taken care of. Now Francois-Henri needs to do the same for his other child with Latina mami Linda Evangelista. 

Do you think that Salma Hayek should encourage her husband to pay Linda Evangelista's child care expenses?

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