How Burning Through Pages will literally get our kids reading

I LOVE, LOVE this poster! What an ingenious way to promote the power of books--not to mention how totally right on it is! Created by a non-profit organization based in my hometown of Denver, the poster has gone viral and hopefully will help get more young people excited about reading.

According to Burning Through Pages' website, the organization's sole goal is "To inspire a love of reading in today's youth" by recommending, donating, and discussing books." To make that happen, they give free books to kids and then take have follow-up discussions through book clubs and conversations between the kids and the organization's volunteers. 



But what I like the most about this group is that they're promoting the kinds of books that kids don't necessarily get their hands on at school. In other words, they won't be giving away any of the classics that kids are forced to read in school even though they can barely relate to the subject matter or the characters. 

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Listen, reading is one of my favorite pastimes. In fact, I'm having withdrawals right now after finishing Suzanne Collins' third and final book in her Hunger Games series. As a book lover, I had absolutely no problems enjoying all--ok, most--of the classic literature I got assigned in school, but that's because I'd been reading forever and I had a fascination with books since I was a child. I was lucky to grow up in a house where books were highly valued and whenever I think of my Dad, I always remember him with a book in his hands.

Sadly, that's not the same for all children. Many of them are never ever read to or don't have access to books and get turned off by them because they can't relate and end up equating reading with the pressure of passing a test. But there are so many great books out there; pretty much something for everyone.

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So I love what BTP is doing and I hope they're still taking volunteers because this is something I need to support. As the group says in their About Us page: "It's not what you read that's important to us, it's that you enjoy whatever it is that keeps you burning through the pages."

Next, I'll have to convince them to start offering books in Spanish, too! 

What do you think about Burning Through the Pages' goal?  

Image via Burning Through Pages

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