Inexcusable! How can a mom put bleach in her daughter's eyes?

There are some things in this world that I think I will never understand. Astrophysics, for instance. Or why people feel the need to tell others who they can love and marry. And then there are the things that I never want to even TRY to understand.

One big example of the latter is parents who hurt their children. Why? Why do parents do this? And I don't mean parents who spank their kids or ground them for extended periods of time. No, I mean the parents that really, really abuse their kids to the point that it's a life-or-death situation. It is beyond me why anyone would or could ever do this. One such parent that made me gag recently was a story about a Jennifer Mothershead, who was recently charged with putting bleach in her toddler's eyes.  


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That's right, a mom actually put bleach in her daughter's eyes. And not just once! She kept doing it over a period of several months, all while doctors at the Roger Johnson Clinical Vision Laboratory at Seattle Children's Hospital suspected something but "were reluctant to implicate the mother until we were 100 percent sure."

I cannot even tell you the level of my discomfort here. No, actually, it's more like disgust. It is absolutely positively disgusting what this mother did to her own child. How could she do that? The worst of it is that the child's father, who is estranged from his wife, was denied visitation rights for more than a few hours. The mom who was charged, Jennifer Lynn Mothershead of Buckley, Washington, used her daughter's condition to not let the girl's father see her—and thus keep infecting her daughter with the eye infection. She was finally found out after the girl had to be airlifted to a local trauma center with a brain hemorrhage, all while the mom played innocent about what actually caused the girl's head injury.

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Although they still haven't quite determined exactly why the mom was doing this to her own toddler daughter, Dr. Avery Weiss of Seattle Children's believes that it was "purposeful child abuse" because the mom wanted to gain attention for herself by making her child appear ill. But I can't understand how she could do this to her own daughter just to get attention. It's just crazy! And the craziest, most unnatural thing in nature—for a mother to abuse her child this way. I only hope that the little girl will get better, is now safely living with her dad—and that this mom will get the prison time she deserves.

What do you think of this story of a mom putting bleach in her daughter's eyes?

Image via KEPRTV