If I told you that what all moms secretly want for Mother's Day is to have the day to themselves, would you be surprised? I'm not. I love making Mother's Day special for my mom but I also remember how much she enjoys having her own "me" time while celebrating the holiday that's supposed to be all about her. If it's all about her, shouldn't she get to choose what she gets to do? A new survey has found that this is exactly what 1/3 of mothers want—the day to themselves—while eight out of 10 moms would rather sleep in than have breakfast with the kids.


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One of the things that most surprised me about this survey, as reported by UPI.com, is that 54% of moms would want to actually spend the day with their own mothers while 2/3 of moms would rather not pick out their own gift. Honestly, this makes me feel kind of guilty because a) my grandmother is too far away for my mom to be able to spend time with her and b) I've gotten lazy in the last few years and have just started asking my mom what she wants for Mother's Day.

Apparently I'm doing it all wrong. Instead, I should be letting her get some sleep or giving her a gift certificate to her local spa, since 52% of moms said that they would like an hour to themselves to get a massage. As a fan of massages myself, although I'm not a mom yet, I think this would definitely be a great gift for any mother. Any woman, really. I mean, wouldn't you want a relaxing massage if you could choose your own Mother's Day gift?

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Or maybe what you really want is to sleep in. I know I would! I think the important lesson to take away from this survey about what moms REALLY want for Mother's Day is that you need to speak up. If your kids want to make breakfast but you really want to sleep in, suggest a later brunch. If your husband wants to buy you jewelry (lucky you) but you really want a massage, suggest a couple's spa day. Whatever you want, keep in mind that you're the mom and this is the one day of the year that you should let your family worry about you first. Indulge in their love—and do what you want!

What do you want most this Mother's Day?

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