Extreme parenting fail: Resort for stressed-out toddlers

Is this a freaking joke? Is someone trying to dupe me like the Mexican nonomom did last week? I mean, it must be, because I don't see how any parent in their right mind would even consider sending their child to the world's first health resort for stressed-out toddlers! WTH?

Haven't heard about it? Check it out: children as young as 3 can relieve their stress with treatments like massages and foot baths in a program created by Germany's largest non-commercial health organization. Apparently, worries about money, jobs and the recession have become too much for these youngsters and they need a place to chill out!


And so, besides the massages and foot baths, the kids in this program also get to step in and our of tubs filled with cool water, rope skip and walk barefoot through wet grass! These supposedly anti-stress therapies have already increased the children's resistance to catching the common cold by 60 percent. 

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"Much is required from children today. They rush from one appointment to the next without barely a chance to breathe," according to Sylvia Gross, of the program. "They occasionally need some time out in order to come down again. The things we do here have a curative, relaxing effect upon them. The children themselves are curious, they find the therapies exciting."

But wouldn't just letting them be children achieve the same goal? What is the world coming to? First of all, if your children are "stressed out" because of a hectic schedule, cut back and let them play. Secondly, if it's been proven that these "therapies" have a curative effect on them, just duplicate them at home. 

Finally, can somebody please explain to me how the rest of the children in the world and through the ages have coped with their parents economic worries without needing a health resort to provide them with massages and foot baths?

What do you think about this program? Would you send your children to something like this?

Image via Micah Taylor/flickr

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