Octomom is doing porn—and deluding herself that it's not really porn!

After turning down porn offers in the past and swearing she would never do porn, newly bankrupt Octomom (a.k.a. Nadya Sulemon, the mom of 14 kids) has just signed on to do a self-pleasure video, according to TMZ. This is all coming after she posed nearly naked for a U.K. magazine and recently told HLN's Showbiz Tonight that she wouldn't kiss or touch somebody for money—but she seems to have no problem touching herself for what's sure to be a pretty nice chunk of change. The mom seems to be pretty desperate for money these days and, well, clearly in need of some attention. Why else would she now go around saying that she's eating her words and posing in compromising positions?


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Truth be told, I can understand her desperation. If I had 14 kids and no money, I'm not sure what I would do. Would I stoop to do porn? Maybe. If the only way to feed my children was to take my clothes off, then maybe I would have to do that. But I know one thing: I would never, ever start broadcasting it all over the news. Her recent turn-around over her previous vow to never do porn is a desperate cry for attention, probably to drum up some preliminary interest for her video. In the HLN interview, she says:

I don't give a crap if people think I'm a hypocrite—because I know I'm not—in regard to all, 'never pose nude.' You know what? If the opportunity comes up, I'm gonna eat my words because all that matters is I take care of my family. That's all that matters.

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Sure, she sounds like a good mom there, but what kind of mom not only goes back on what she previously swore. But, worse than that, is that she's deluding herself into thinking that her new solo-masturbation video venture isn't porn. Seriously? Last I heard self-pleasure videos are still porn. Just because you're not engaging in sex with another person doesn't mean you're not engaging in sex with yourself. To me, this just shows how deluded—and desperate—she really is. If she's really going to do this, I hope she at least gets a little smarter and stops living in denial.

Do you think it's a good idea for Octomom to do a solo porn video?

Image via NBC