Freddie Prinze Jr. isn't the only one rocking the stay-at-home dad trend!

Apparently super cool soon-to-be-second-time dad Freddie Prinze Jr. isn't the only dad who's rocking the stay-at-home dad trend. A report by the U.S. Census Bureau says that, in 2010, 32% of dads were stay-at-home at least one day a week, a number that's up from 26% just 8 years ago. These days a lot of parents are taking a deep look into their finances to figure out which parent should stay home to take care of the baby—and it's not always automatically the mom. Would you mind your husband staying home with your child, if you were earning a bigger income than he was?


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I think it's really impressive that the number of stay-at-home dads is on the rise. Some of it has to do with the economy and the fact that men were hit particularly hard by the steep job losses a few years ago. But, as one dad puts it, it's also rewarding to be your child's primary caregiver. Lance Somerfeld explains how he became a stay-at-home dad and why he enjoys it so much:

[My wife] was probably making 80% of our household income and I was 20%. [Her career] was on a really good track and it made more sense for me to stay home. Too often, we hear that it's the economy that forces dads into these roles and that's certainly a part of it, but I would love to shatter that stereotype. Being my son's primary caregiver is something I have truly cherished and embraced and never looked back.

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Although I don't currently have kids, I think that the more dads stay-at-home, the better. It's not that I wouldn't want to stay home with my child but, if it made financial sense, I would love for both of us to get some time to raise the baby. It only makes sense to me that, depending on the circumstances, men are allowed to stay at home as well. If Freddie Prinze, Jr., can be a great stay-at-home dad to his little one(s), then why not other Latino dads? I think it's something we could definitely use more of.

Has your family had a stay-at-home dad? Would you want your husband to stay-at-home with the kids if he wanted to or if it made financial sense?

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