Do your kids have the same HILARIOUS reaction to vegetables as this baby? (VIDEO)

Though there are a few rare exceptions, little kids and vegetables generally don't mix very well. When you're young, the last thing you want to do is eat your broccoli--and even when you do take a bite, it's generally because your parents threaten to take away your dessert if you don't.  

And honestly, I can totally sympathize. Even as an adult, I sometimes have to resist the urge to wrinkle my nose at certain vegetables. Carrots? Delicious!  Cabbage? Not my friend. That's partly why I completely understood the adorable baby girl in this hilarious video who gets super an angry after getting fed pureed green beans. 


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As a mom spoons the food into her daughter's mouth, the little girl scrunches up her cute little face in disgust and tries to spit it back out. But that doesn't stop Mom! She continues her attempts at feeding , only making the baby get increasingly (and even more entertainingly) angry as she squeals and even GROWLS with frustration and repulsion.

Although she doesn't yet talk, the little girl makes such funny expressions, you can practically hear what she's thinking: "Mom, why are you giving me this gross stuff?! GRRR."

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Ha! The whole thing is so cute, it's almost giving me baby fever. Hey, I said almost.

Check out the baby's hysterical reaction:

How do your kids react to eating vegetables?

Image via YouTube

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