This young Latino superstar is no Justin Bieber, he's BETTER and he's one of OURS!

"Yes you can", "Keep trying" and "The sky's the limit" are some of the phrases with which I have brainwashed my kids since early on. It's important to me that they see the value that is within them and that they feel empowered to do what they set themselves to do. I imagine that the parents of 12 year old Thomas Suarez, of Manhattan Beach, California, did similarly to instill some lifelong lessons in this young genius. Without a doubt, the young man has had the guts and the determination to go after his dreams and put his creativity to work. 

It is no coincidence that Suarez found himself in the good company of the likes of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Justin Bieber at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards. There Suarez was honored with them for being a synonym for innovation and we are very proud of him!


It seems like Suarez showed a deep interest in everything having to do with apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. When he was 9 years old the boy was already creating all sorts of interactive tools in his computer, and designing apps such as "Earth Fortune" and--ready for this?-- his most popular yet "Bustin Jieber". With these apps and others, he's managed to make quite the earnings for a young entrepreneur!

What a pride for his parents! As it should be. Suarez not only has taken the innitiative to create applications he couldn't find for himself in the market, but is eager to share his knowledge with other kids his age, as shown by the fact that he started an apps club in school to do just that. Seeing him in this video talk about his passion for apps, I can't avoid but to see a young Steve Jobs, the Apple genius who is Suarez's own inspiration. 

Perhaps not all kids have to prove themselves on stage in front of a big audience, nor with national awards, not even with a small salary. But it is such  joy to see our kids reaching for the stars and succeeding! I'm happy to see a Thomas Suarez teach my kids by example tat it is worth using your brains, persevering at the important things in life and accomplishing what they set themselves to accomplish. ¡Felicidades Thomas!

What do you hope to see your children accomplish in life?

Image via YouTube