If my kid's principal was making out on school grounds--doesn't matter with who--I'd want him fired too!

Talk about getting caught in the act, an act that was completely inappropriate by a school principal and his assistant on school grounds. Video taken by Myranda Garber, a 16 year old student at The Scholars Academy in Arizona was enough to give parents reason to want both sneaky adults fired! And to tell you the truth, I'd be enraged as well!! 

Why would Steve McClenning, the Principal, and Billie Madewell, his assistant, think it was all right to conduct themselves in such manner right in the workplace--a school nontheless-- where what they are supposed to do is be the perfect role models for students there?! I don't get it. Are these the people leading our kids' paths to success in life? Mr. Principal and Mrs. Madewell: you should both be ashamed to have been held in such positions of esteem in your community!! Now, get out!


Makes me remember the case not too long ago of NYC math teacher David Pecoraro who was also "caught on tape" with a cellphone video behaving in less than acceptable manner as well. While his behavior didn't involve some act of sexual nature like Mr. Principal and his assistant in Arizona, he and them are just shameful to the teaching community in general. 


As parents we put our faith in a system that is designed not only to educate our children but also help shape them into good citizens. The steamy video brought to light by the student at the Arizona Charter School is only a reminder of why the work we do at home with our kids is so very important. I know that I cannot assume someone else is going to teach my children good values... that is my job, and I wouldn't entrust anyone--not even their high school principal-- with such important responsibility. 

There are great teachers, great school assistants and great principals out there. That is true. And I applaud every single one that inspired me personally in my education and the ones that have so beautifully led the way for my children to be the accomplished individuals that they are. If there are a few rotten fruits in the educational system, that's so sad. Because the ones that are affected by it all are children who deserve nothing but the best examples that when you work hard you succeed. I can only hope my kids and yours are lucky enough to have exemplary teachers and school principals putting education first and knowing how to behave on school grounds and beyond.

Are you proud of the teachers and principal in your kid's school? Do you think this principal and his assistant should have been given a second chance? Comment below and share your reaction... 

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