Thanks to Twitter, the world now gets to experience daily insights into the life of their favorite celebrities! Whether by sharing funny or inspirational quotes, or just letting you know what they're doing that day, tons of Hollywood's biggest stars use the site to keep their fans in the know--and we love it!

But here at MamásLatinas, our absolutely favorite thing to read is all the sweet, funny, and downright entertaining things that our Latina celebs tweet about their kids! Why? Because it not only gives us a sneak peek into their personal life, but also teaches us some valuable lessons about mommyhood! Read one to find out some of the best parenting lessons we've learned just by following these celebrity Latina moms on Twitter:


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1. Challenge your children: "[I] spoke only Spanish to them until they started school or went on tour with me and others spoke English to them," – Gloria Estefan @GloriaEstefan [on her kids being bilingual]

2. Celebrate every milestone: "Happy Birthday Sebella Rose. Today you're 3 months old. Mommy and Daddy adore you! Feliz Cumple hija amada" – Roselyn Sanchez, @RoselynSanchez


3. Indulge in your kid's imagination: "''This is a secret alligator park w ponds and secret bridges'– Honor" – Jessica Alba, @jessicaalba [quoting one of her daughter's made-up stories]


4. Don't ever take your family for granted: "Where there is ❤there is life!!! Enjoy every second of it..." – Elizabeth Gutierrez, @elygutierrez19

5. Encourage a sense of humor in your kids by having your own: "RT if you think Manolo should be in @onedirection. He has the hair!" –Sofia Vergara, @SofiaVergara [tweeting about her son]

Have you learned anything about the celebs you follow on Twitter?

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