Out of control! 7 year-old girl was brutally beaten inside a school bus (VIDEO)

When I saw the video of a 7 year-old little girl being brutally beaten by an older school mate inside of a school bus on her way home, I felt helpless. Just seeing that nobody moved a finger to help the defenseless girl while she was struck and pulled like a rag doll makes me so mad. How can this little one had to undergo a terrible episode of violence in a place that should have to be safe?! And if I had this big helplessness feeling after seeing this, I don't want to imagine how the mother of this poor little thing felt!


This incident happened last Friday, when Aisha Williams-Gray found out that her daughter was being lowered off the bus aided by other students, whom informed her that her girl had been beaten by a 5th grade student after she refused to give the abuser her candies. But what's most worrisome of this terrible episode, it is that the children told Aisha that the bus driver not even stopped vehicle to intervene in the fight. Such action would had avoided that the little girl ended up in the hospital after that brutal beating, because she had to be intervene by the doctors due to a cerebral commotion and the traumatic hematomas she suffered in her head.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) a student recorded the aggression in his cell phone, which helped the mother on reporting the incident to the police. But, while the case is investigated and the school  authorities find a solution for this worried mother, Aisha herself has had to take her daughter (luckily she's well at the moment) to school every day, because she thinks that's the only way to protect her. "How can I be sure that she's going to be safe at school? And my daughter adores to go to school!," says this shocked mother, in an interview granted to USA Today.

Let's hope that this unfortunate episode of violence open our eyes to reflect on this worrisome phenomenon that, unfortunately, occur again and again throughout the country. We cannot continue believing that school harassment or bullying is a child thing. This issue is something that must concern to all of us, since the life of our small ones is at stake.


What are you doing to avoid that your son or daughter is intimidated and mistreated? What would you do in this case?

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Imagen via USA Today

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