Purity Ring 3000 would be a hilarious Mamás Latinas dream come true! (VIDEO)

Moms, have you ever wished there was some sort of device that could prevent your kid from giving into sexual temptation? Your prayers have been answered – meet the Purity Ring 3000! It might look like an ordinary piece of jewelry but it does oh so much more!

As you can see in the "commercial" below, the Purity Ring 3000 is designed specifically to force your children into abstinence. How? When the ring detects the smell of pheromones (a chemical factor released when attraction levels spike), it releases its own smell –a gross one that immediately causes all those around the offending teen, including any cute guys or girls, to run away and take cover.  If their body experiences an increase in heart rate due to desire, a disco ball-like strobe light and ear-piercing alarm sets off in response.


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And what happens if your kid dares to actually touch somebody? The ring will shoot a laser at the nearest cute animal—like the poor squirrel in the commercial!—or project an image of their mom (aka YOU!) making a threatening face.  If that doesn't kill the mood for them, I don't know what will!

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But seriously, though this commercial is obviously just a totally hilarious spoof, I can't help but think it would actually be nice if there was some sort of compact device that reminded kids to at least protect themselves if they're having sex --something that would make even the laziest of sexually active youth act safer. Maybe an automatic, hormonal-activated condo dispensing wallet? Just an idea!

What do you think of the commercial? Do you wish there was a device that achieved a similar purpose?

Image via YouTube

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