Trying to convince your teen to put down their cell? This should help! (VIDEO)

Most teenagers are way too attached to their cell phones. It's a problem that many parents deal with and that has surely caused plenty of punishments and groundings throughout the years. But, as can be seen from the video below, constantly being on your phone isn't just an annoying habit--it's also dangerous!

In the clip, a teenage girl walks down a street in China and is so preoccupied with talking on her cell that she doesn't notice caution blocks on the sidewalk….and ends up falling into 20-foot sinkhole! A SINKHOLE. For real.


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To make matters worse, a cabdriver saw the girl fall and immediately parked his car and ran over to assist her--a noble effort, except for that in the process, he also got stuck in the sinkhole. Sigh. If it wasn't on video, it would almost be too hard to believe. Firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue them and luckily, neither person was injured.

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Seriously though, when will these teens just learn their lesson? All you have to do is look up while you're walking! It's not that hard! Whatever your BFF is saying or texting to you can wait--I promise.

Watch the whole incident go down:

What do you think of the video? Have you ever been in an accident because of your cell phone?

Image via NBC

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