14-month-old boy likes cleaning the house! (VIDEO)

This 14-month-old boy is like every mother's dream child! Why? Because, as seen in the video below, he actually likes to clean!

In the cute clip below, the toddler shows off his cleaning skills by spraying something (presumably water) from a bottle onto a table and then wiping it down with a cloth. He does this several times, even moving to a dresser nearby to clean it down as well. Of course, his aim is not too great so he gets more water on his shirt and face than on the tabletop but it's the thought that counts right?


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Aww! Some might call his behavior a little weird and compulsive but wouldn't it actually be nice if every mom had a young kid who liked to keep things tidy? He probably just saw one of his parents cleaning and was trying to act like a big boy by emulating them!  His mom should enjoy while it lasts since he definitely won't have the same habits as a teenager. At the end, he accidentally drops the towel behind the table, causing him to proclaim "Uh oh!" CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

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Watch him help keep his house spick and span:

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Image via YouTube

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