Even Madonna has a hard time being a tough mom

I love Madonna. Regardless of all the controversy and raciness surrounding her every move, I think she's an amazing entertainer. But I can't even begin to imagine how tough it must for her to be a single mom to four kids--especially to her teen daughter Lourdes who was recently caught smoking a cigarette.

I don't mean tough as in what you and I would consider tough. No, I mean tough as in how do you raise and discipline your children when, in many instances, you can't really lead by example? How do you tell your 15-year-old daughter not to smoke when you've done worse things than that, many times, in front of the entire world to see?


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Not to mention how challenging it must be to be a mom "in a kind of metaphorical fish bowl," as she told Harry Smith on NBC's Rock Center last night. Being a mom is already difficult enough for all of us, imagine having to do it when pretty much your every move is under the media and the public's scrutiny...

Madonna revealed she wasn't happy at all when she saw the photo of her daughter Lourdes smoking a cigarette. "I don't approve of anyone smoking cigarettes... Most of all, my daughter," she said in the interview. And then she went on to admit that although she thinks she's a tough mom, she probably needs to be tougher. "It's hard, though, it's hard. Every day it's a negotiation."

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Yes, it is and I can only imagine that things will get even harder with her daughter Lourdes before they get any easier. And then, of course, she still has her three other children to worry about as they start getting older and the negotiations start getting tougher and more constant.

Good luck with that, Madge!

Image via The Grosby Group