Has sexism been replaced by modern motherhood?

As a working mom of two, I've always felt that modern motherhood has pretty much screwed most of us women. Let me explain. It goes something like this: women in the '60s and '70s fought for all of us to have the rights we have today, the right to be treated more equally and the right for us to go out and have careers outside the home. And yet, thanks to modern motherhood it seems like we got the short end of the stick.

While most of the women of my generation did go out and got a career for themselves, once we decided to become moms, we basically just got all the responsibilities of motherhood on top of all the responsibilities of our professions. In other words: A. LOT. OF. WORK.


Although I work from home now, this hasn't always been the case since I first became a mom almost six years ago. Working outside the home and then having to come back to do all the household chores historically associated with women is absolutely exhausting!

I don't really care to debate whether stay-at-home moms or moms who work outside the home have it tougher or not, I've been in both places and I think they both have it's pros and cons. But I do have to say that all the sexism that feminists fought against right before I was born seems to have been replaced by modern motherhood, which I feel puts an unrealistic pressure on moms to be these perfect characters willing to give everything up for their children.

I love my children more than anything in this world, but I'm sick and tired of others trying to tell me how I'm supposed to raise them, how the food I'm giving them is going to kill them, how the toys they're playing with are poisoning them, how I should've breastfed them until they were 5 and on and on...

My god! It's almost as if we've come full circle. First we were oppressed by men and now we're oppressed by our own children! ¿Y ahora?

What do you think? 

Image via rankun76/flickr