What's wrong with middle school boys? No really, What. Is. Wrong. With. Them.

I'm so not looking forward to my children getting to middle school--especially my boy Santiago. In fact, I truly dread the day that happens for him because I know things will only go downhill from there. I worry about Vanessa being a pre-teen and a teen too, but I seriously worry more about my son.

And here's why: I already went through the whole middle school thing with my stepson who lived with my husband and I full-time from the time he was 9 years old until he was 18. In other words--been there, done that!


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In no uncertain terms, they become strangers, people you don't recognize at all who leave you wondering what they did with your son and whether he'll ever come back. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it's the truth. In fact, my husband and I used to say that our lovable, sweet son had been abducted by aliens who had replaced him with this mean, careless, uninterested person who didn't seem to feel any connection towards his family. A stranger. 

In his eyes, we never did anything right and everything we said seemed to bother him tremendously or not interest him at all. He became the master of eye rolling and don't even get me started with his forgetfulness. I prayed for his old self to come back, but, I'm sad to report that it was years--yes, plural--before that happened!

But once he was back, we were so happy it was all over. I didn't really expect for him to ever know how bad those few years really were, but then, just the other day, my almost 22-year-old stepson told me he was sorry for being such a pain in the butt and I was floored! 

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Will that happen to you too? I don't know, but it's at least something to look forward to, no?

Do you have middle school boys? What's the one thing that drives you crazy about them?

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