Student who steers bus to safety proves not all teens are clueless (VIDEO)

I just saw how a group of kids in Washington came to the rescue and stopped their school bus after the driver passed out, and I must say I'm pretty speechless. If you've ever spent any time around middle school boys you know they viven en la luna most of the times. But apparently not the seventh-grader who jumped up and grabbed the wheel when he realized the driver had lost consciousness!

Video from the security camera in the bus shows the 13-year-old boy turning the bus toward the side of the road and turning off the ignition. Meanwhile, the other kids aboard the bus call 911 as another student starts chest compressions on the driver. Amazingly, the bus didn't hit any other cars and no one was injured! Truly incredible!


"I was just thinking I don't want to die," Jeremy Wuitschick told the Seattle Times. Can you imagine?

Although it has not been confirmed, the driver apparently suffered a heart attack and he is hospitalized in "grave condition." School officials said they haven't received an update on his condition since yesterday.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has become a hero of sorts! And after seeing him in action I'm sure you'll feel the same way too. His reaction is quick and swift and even in the face of imminent danger he keeps his cool while he makes sure he steers the bus to safety--especially considering what he had just seen. 

"The bus driver starts convulsing, his eyes are bulging ... making weird rasping noises and his hands are twitching," Jeremy told a local news station.

For all the criticism we're quick to dish out about teenagers, this one definitely proves us wrong. I must say I'd be incredibly proud if I were Jeremy's mom. She has obviously done an amazing job raising him!

What do you think of what this student did?