#Tomyunbornchild Twitter trend sparks tear-jerking response from expectant parents (VIDEO)

Every now and again, the Internet produces something that reminds me of the goodness and hope in humanity. Honestly, it's not very often because so much of the news out there is depressing or negative, but that's not the case with this viral video, titles "#tomyunbornchild" that was inspired by a hashtag that was trending on Twitter in early March.

The story goes a little something like this: When this hashtag started trending, it was a way for people to speak to as yet unconceived or unborn kids--thoughtful and cute, right? WRONG! Apparently, a ton of unsavory bigoted creeps decided to use the hashtag as an excuse to blow off some good old homophobic steam.

No less than a hundred people Tweeted death threats to their unborn kids, telling them that if they were ever to dare turn out gay, they would kill them. Here's a sample:


Isn't that so sweet? Ugh, this kind of behavior is what makes me fearful of opening up my Firefox browser. Apparently, I'm not the only one. You can thank the awesomeness of the Twitter account #Homophobes for calling people out on their totally unnecessary hate and rounding up horrible tweets like this on the regular and Storify for making this a story that got picked up and widely distributed online.

But writer/director Charlotte Moore didn't think that was enough, She figured it would be much more powerful to actually film people saying these horrible things out loud and I have to say, I agree with her. So many folks are comfortable hiding behind the veil of anonymity that the Internet provides so that they can say some truly terrifying and disgusting things--kudos for Charlotte for making this real and reminding everyone just how powerful words really are.

I've always said and believed wholeheartedly that having children is a privilege, not a right and clearly the majority of the idiotic jerks who were tweeting about the possible murder of their unborn children at their own hands do not ever deserve to share in this privilege, but if they did, it would look and sound something like this:

How effective is this video?! What do you think about the people who said they would kill their child if it was gay? What did you think about this video?

Image via YouTube