Hero abuela saves grandson from Texas tornado

My mother says there's nothing better than being a grandmother and I am always amazed by how different she is now than she was as a mom. I know that's normal, but it's amazing to see how overprotective she is of both my children, getting mad at me when I yell at them or discipline them, constantly reminding me that "they're just children." I must say I love the relationship they've forged because it's based on pure, mutual adoration. I'm completely convinced that if my children's lives were ever in harm's way, my mom would do whatever it takes to protect them.

Just like the North Texas grandma who held on to her 18-month-old grandson by his feet so the tornado that tore through her home Tuesday wouldn't take him away. Talk about absolute love!


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Sherry Enoch was babysitting her grandson, Lane, and two other children when she realized a tornado was about to hit her home. She grabbed the children and huddled with them in the bathtub. The tornado tore through her home obliterating it and several others in her neighborhood, but Enoch and the three children survived with barely a scratch!

"It just felt like it was trying to just take him, you know just actually take him from me," Enochs told a local TV station. "I clutched him as hard as I could to keep him from being blown away from me."

Can you imagine the horror? I've never gone through a tornado, but I have lived through plenty of hurricanes to know how terrifying these natural disasters can be. Little Lane owes his life to his grandmother. I'm sure their grandma-grandson relationship will be even stronger after this!

What do you think about what this grandma did for her grandson?

Image via WFAA-TV