Miracle baby born with "no blood" alive and well after 6 months

Want to hear some news that is sure to brighten up your day? Olivia Norton, a baby born with a severe case of newborn anemia, is alive and well after 6 months and being called a medical miracle after she was born with what is essentially termed "no blood."

The adorable little girl from the U.K. has had an extraordinary recovery from a potentially deadly condition. Doctors originally gave her only about two hours to live after they discovered that she had severely low levels of hemoglobin. And now, months after undergoing emergency blood transfusions, she's looking just fine.  


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Although her case is very rare (and currently being documented because of that), it turns out Olivia isn't the only baby born with this condition known as Vasa Previa. The Huffington Post reports on another case of a child born with this condition:

Earlier this year, mother Katy Morgan came forward to talk about her son's recovery after he, too, was born with "no blood". Baby Oliver overcame a rare condition called Vasa Previa that essentially caused blood to drain from his body while he was still in the womb. After coming into the world without a heartbeat, the boy received a blood transfusion and a slew of other procedures after which he slowly gained strength, eventually becoming the healthy, active toddler he is today.

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This adorable little girl has survived the bizarre, unfortunately conditions under which she was born and seems to be thriving. I only hope that doctors can figure out exactly why this happened--and what can be done to prevent it.

Have you or anyone in your family suffered from anemia?

Image via maria mono/flickr