Weight Loss Challenge Day 8: Get my heart pumping

I'm pretty proud of myself, outside of a little slip up on Saturday night (one of my friends literally cooked one of the best homemade dinners ever and I totally overindulged) I've been pretty good about my eating habits. Enough so that someone already noticed I'm looking a little less puffy, yay!

So now it's time to get down to serious business--as in working out.

Although you can lose weight just by adjusting your diet, there is really no way to sustain any sort of weight loss or healthy lifestyle change without adding in some cardio. As I've mentioned before, I walk my dog for about an hour everyday and have to walk all the time since I live in New York city, but I need to start incorporating some activity that really gets my heart rate going if I want to see some major changes in so far as my jelly belly is concerned.



Here are some tips from me to you to stay motivated when it comes to working out:

  1. Set a realistic attainable goal. Do I want to lose like 30 lbs? Sure! But I know I would be just fine at 20 and that is more realistic. The faster I see that I'm moving in the right direction, the easier it is to stay on track.
  2. Schedule work out time in your calendar. If I don't put something in my calendar, it's like it never existed! So, I block out a few hours a week to work out and then plan around it like I would any other activity.
  3. Don't beat yourself up if you skip a day. So many people get derailed when they miss one day. Don't let a little slip up totally knock you off your routine, there is always tomorrow!
  4. Variety is the spice of life! Don't get locked in to one type of workout and remember that a ton of activities can be aerobic if you try. If you need to clean the house, crank up your favorite dance moves and work up a sweat. Since I know I have to walk the dog every day, now half of the walk has become a run!
  5. Find a friend. Having a workout buddy makes you accountable to someone other than yourself and is proven to provide extra motivation both before and during workouts!