The coolest, most fun playgrounds in the world for children of any age!

I was looking around today and just happened to come across these absolutely amazing, completely filled with fun, really awesome playgrounds and parks all over the world.

Don't believe me? Just take a look--there's carousels on rooftops, fossils, giant fruit, dinosaurs and more! These playgrounds are sure to delight kids of any age, whether we're talking about your toddler, your tween or even yourself. Go ahead and play.


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1. The Rooftop at Yerba Buena Gardens: Featuring a playground, carousel, a children's museum, ice skating and much more, kids of all ages can have fun at this San Francisco, California, park.

2.  The Water Works at RiverPlay: Kids can play at this Eugene, Oregon, space by taking a ferry ride, digging for fossils or even doing some rock climbing alongside other children.

3. Coram's Fields: Although you can't go into this London, England, playground without a kid, once inside you can both have fun at the different play areas, the children's center or playing some sports.

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4. The Fruit and Scent Playground: I can't imagine anything more fun that climbing into a giant watermelon (and other fruits!) and smelling it in this park near Stockholm, Sweden.  

5. Adventure Playground: Get ready for the time of your life at this Berkeley, California, playground complete with a zipline, fort-building and many activities that involve getting dirty, wet or painted on.

6. Teardrop Park: Featuring a water slide for kids, sand boxes and opportunities for water play, this New York City, New York, playground is a perfect little oasis for all kids in the city that never sleeps.

7. Dinosaur Playground at Vincent Lugo Park: Maybe it's not your dream to go down a dinosaur-head slide, but it sure is mine—and I bet your kid's—so enjoy your time at this San Gabriel, California, park.

What park would you like to explore with your kids next?

Images via Yerba Buena Gardens, stockholm4kids, edenpictures/flickr