Reborn dolls and the people who collect them scare me! (VIDEO)

I guess I must be living under a rock because until this morning, I'd never heard of Reborn Dolls. In case you haven't either, they're these really creepy, totally life-like dolls that people collect, mostly because they feel comforted when holding them. Many of these doll collectors--who pay between $50 and $4,000 per doll--swear they're not weird. But, seriously, why would anybody take their Reborn Doll out in an infant car seat or build a whole nursery for their collection? Or even worse, why would a "collector" identify their doll as a plastic thing only when people asked?

You be the judge of that. 


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As I've said countless times before, people are obviously free to do whatever they want, but that also means I'm free to think there are some people out there who have completely lost it. 

At first I thought the doll collectors were surely women who couldn't have children, but it turns out they're not. Many, in fact, have kids and even grandkids. A woman interviewed on the Today show this week said that she started her collection of 10 Reborn Dolls after she couldn't have any more children. Another one, who has 28 dolls, said, "You know that they're not real, but they look real and after your real children grow up you know that you can have something to hold and cuddle and love when you want to."

A grown woman cuddling with a doll? Yikes!

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While I would've loved to have at least one more child and I get really sad when I see how quickly my two children are growing up, I simply don't see myself dishing out any kind of money to replicate that awesome feeling of holding a baby. For that, I'd rather offer one of my mom friends with a real baby a couple of hours of rest time while I get my fix.

What do you think about this hobby? 

Image via NBC