Overzealous 'helicopter parents' ruin Easter egg hunt

I've never taken my children to an Easter egg hunt and after hearing about what happened in one right here in Colorado, I don't think I ever will. Check it out: Last year, the egg hunt was over in seconds thanks to a bunch of overzealous parents who jumped the rope--set up to allow only children into the egg hunt area--to make sure their kids got an egg. This year, the organizers decided to cancel the event to avoid these aggressive parents.

How ridiculous can you be! I've always thought the actions of "helicopter parents" are too much, but this takes the cake--especially when you consider the circumstances. 


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For starters, from what I understand, there was no place to hide the plastic eggs so they were all placed in plain view in the grass. Thousands of them! Why any child would need help getting them, remains a mystery to me. The only justified reason would be that your child is way too little to do it by himself and maybe you help him get one or two eggs, but I doubt this was the case of the majority of kids there. 

I don't know what it is about parents not wanting to be involved in every aspect of their children lives. When and why did this become a popular way of parenting? What happened to letting our children figure things out for themselves? Why can't we just let our children realize that, in life, you don't always get your way?

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This is obviously just an egg hunt and it's not a big deal. But the sad thing is that these "helicopter parents" are everywhere and they are sabotaging the very children who'll become the future of this country. How scary!

What do you think about what happened at this egg hunt?

Image via Lyle58/flickr

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